Project Description

General Research Fund

While one of the main objectives of AlzOut is to maintain low overhead and infrastructure costs, as to allocate funds directly to research. It is also imperative that the organization has the resources to expand our reach and message throughout our communities and online spheres. The general fund will not only enable us to accomplish those goals, it will also support our independent fundraising events, creating exponential results and a true impact in the fight against Alzheimer’s.



UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE RESEARCH CENTER (ADRC) is one of 30 sites across the United States studying memory and aging, as well as Alzheimer’s disease. The ADRC provides participants with access to leading-edge studies of new medications and treatment that advance our knowledge of memory problems associated with aging. Over the past 30 years, USC physicians and researchers have made major contributions to our knowledge of Alzheimer’s disease, vascular risk factors, and memory problems. Our Staff includes neurologist, psychiatrists, psychologists, physician assistants, nurses, and social workers who collaborate with basic scientists on diagnosis, treatment and research.